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Fanfiction: Four Seasons

Title: Four Seasons
Pairing: Henwook
Genre: Romance
Chapter: 4
Disclaimer: This is my first fanfiction. I do not own Super Junior
Summary: Recovering from a car accident, Ryewook lost all his memories of his best friend, Henry. When they reunite again, will feelings spark again?

I made my way to the cafeteria, half heartedly. I always wanted to wait for Ryeowook, and not make him wait for me. In his own way, he made me care about him. However, after the talk with Zhou Mi, I was more careful about our relationship. To me, he might be one of my very best friends, but to him, I’m no one. Did he even remember to meet me in the cafeteria? Reluctantly, I put my hand on the door, and with a sigh, pushed it open. However much I didn’t want to sweep the cafeteria with my eyes, I failed, wanting to see Ryeowook as soon as possible. There he was, in the corner, waiting for me.


“Why are you always waiting the in corner? It makes me hard to find you!”

“Then you’ll be in the spotlight, and I will always support you from the shadows!”


I felt a gaze locked on my face, and lifted my head to find Ryeowook standing a foot away from me. Shocked, I recoiled back. He must have noticed that I was not dazing anymore. Again, he showed me his dazzling smile that never failed to kick my heart into gear.

“Umm… Do you want to check out the library now?” I feel my face burning, and turned my gaze away from Ryeowook’s always curious eyes.

“Let’s go!” I didn’t even bug him one bit that I seemed to be avoiding him, rather than talking to him. With a stab of pain, I remembered that I was no one to this man. Smiling at him as best as I could manage, I led him out of the cafeteria doors and to a left. Neither of us said anything on the way, making it awkward. Even then, I walked slowly, not wanting to be alone again. When we reached there, I turned towards him, but was stunned by his expression. It looked like he was trying hard at something.

“Ryeowook? Are you alright?” I asked, concerned.


“We’re here now.”

“I-I was wondering if you could show me the music section of the library… or is that asking too much?” he hesitated. “Sorry for being selfish. I’m sure you have to eat lunch now. Goodbye.”

As he turned away, I spurted out, “It’s okay, I’ll show you to the music section.”

Shocked, Ryeowook turned around speculatively. He must have thought that I was joking. When he realized that I was serious, he turned away with a regretful expression. No, Ryeowook never changes. He always thinks about other people and not about himself. If you want me to come, just say so! I sighed, knowing that I would never say that to his face. “Come on.” I breathed. The library was pretty big, so when I walked him there I was thinking about one thing. How come? So I asked, “Are you interested in music?”

“Not really.” He replied nonchalantly

His answer confused me. “Didn’t you ask for the music section? Do you enjoy reading about music history?”


“Then why…?”

He bit his lip, seemingly unwilling to tell me. After a while, he finally said, “I want my memory back. Even if I can’t remember, my heart still does. And it’s been telling me that somewhere in the music section, I will find something.” As we arrived, he flipped through one of the books on different instruments. Nothing caught his attention. I wondered what instrument was so important. As he came to the end of the book, he stopped abruptly. I looked over, and on the page was a picture of a violin. “This is what I was searching for. Thank you very much!” He laughed brilliantly. As I was about to leave, he said, “Henry, do you play the violin?”


“Wow! Henry! You will be a star one day!”

“Hehehe. Then you’ll have to pay to hear me!”

“Won’t you save a seat for me?”

“Of course! I was just kidding when I said you’ll have to pay. Even the president has too! But you won’t have to. You’re my best friend.”


“Yes, I do.” I grinned at him as convincingly as I could, remembering the past we once shared.

“Would you play for me one day?” He asked hopefully.

“Of course.” Of course I would, Ryeowook. You’re my best friend. “Hey, do you want to have lunch with us? I’m sure Zhou Mi won’t mind.”

He smiled as he put the book down, and we walked out the library together.


This is the end of the first part- Spring.
Hope you enjoyed it~

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