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Fanfiction: Four Seasons

Title: Four Seasons
Pairing: Henwook
Genre: Romance
Chapter: 5
Disclaimer: This is my first fanfiction. I do not own Super Junior
Summary: Recovering from a car accident, Ryewook lost all his memories of his best friend, Henry. When they reunite again, will feelings spark again?

“AHHHH!” I screamed as I pounded my head. I had no idea what any of this means. History was my worst subject, and here I am, dragging Ryeowook and Zhou Mi into this stupid study session. Well, I was the only one in our group who didn’t understand. With exams in a week, who is not stressed? … I used to not be stressed. Stupid Ryeowook infected us into studying! But really, when I look back, he’s right. Not that I had ever dreamed of becoming something unrelated with my country anyways. “Fucking cold war. Who cares? Everyone built bombs. Everyone threatened each other. That’s it.” Ryeowook laughed loudly, rolling on the floor while we stared at him in wonder. “How can you have so much fun when I’m dying around here?”

Zhou Mi patted my shoulder. “I’m so sorry, Henry, but it seems like you’re the only one who doesn’t get this. It’s kind of sad.” He shook his head, pretending to be shocked by my ignorance. Really, it happens often. I sighed.

“It’s not as easy as you think. If you start picking up the violin, I will yell at you for all the things you’re doing wrong. See how you feel about that. Hmph.” I folded my arms and started walking out of the room, Zhou Mi’s room. I felt something stop my feet, and I fell face down on the carpet. “Ow.” I muttered into the carpet. A burst of laughter came from the two of them. “Ryeowook!” I yelled, knowing it was him, “I will get you for this!” I got up, and started tickling him. That was always one of his weak points. I felt victorious when Ryeowook started rolling on the floor and begging for mercy. This was a wonderful and productive study session indeed. “Let’s get back on topic, because I still don’t understand any of this.”

Ryeowook sat up with tears in his eyes, “I’m not going to help you! You’re so mean to me.” He looked at me with his watering eyes.

My heart stuttered, “I’m sorry. Really, I didn’t mean it.” How could his face have so much power over me? It’s still unfathomable today.

He sniffed, “Henry…” he looked at me with a pained expression “I can’t believe… that you believed that.” A mischievous grin spread across his face. He loved using is acting skills against me.

“Ryeowook… just you wait! I will get you one day.” I glared at him while he hid behind Zhou Mi for protection.

“Alright guys, stop flirting with each other.” Zhou Mi called disconcertedly. “We didn’t want this to be a make out session, okay?” his tone was suddenly coated with bitterness.

“You’re just jealous!” I bit back, not knowing how spot on I was. He flinched, but composed himself so quickly that I wonder if he really reacted. “Alright, we should actually work.” And so, our “study session” continued in this way. Not that we studied at all. By the end of it, Ryeowook would still not come out from behind Zhou Mi.  I was worried if I really hurt him.

“Ryeowook?” I said when we were walking back. We happened to live on the same street, quite close to each other. “Are you mad at me?”

Puzzled, he stopped and looked at me, “no, why would I be?”

“Well, I was just wondering ‘cause you hid from me the whole night.” I stuck my tongue out playfully.

He giggled slightly, “Why would I be? You’re my best friend.”


“Thanks, Ryeowook!”

“No problem. You’re my best friend.”


I felt a pair of arms around my neck, and a face close to mine. He was too close. I can feel his breath on my shoulder. I can feel his body on mine. I can feel his hand supporting me head, and all I had to do was turn my head slightly… My blood was boiling, my head hot, my body paralyzed. As I stood there, awestruck, he released me. After taking in my shocked expression, he laughed.

“Henry! You look like a rice cake.” He beamed at me, seeing as I still did not recover

I paused, recollecting myself. “T-the round kind or the square kind?” my voice was even shaking.

Hearing the effect his hug had, he laughed. “The round kind, of course!” He pinched my cheeks, and ran off.

“Ryeowook… wait until I get you!


hehehe this is the first chapter of Summer! >< and yes, i ripped the title off DBSK's song =]

random rant:
I went to badminton today. I lost two games and came back. T-T
I'm hungry and want lunchhhh~~~~~~~

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