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Fanfiction [Oneshot]: Boy meets girl

Title: Boy Meets Girl
Pairing: Hanchul
Rating: 14+ (for mature content?)
Disclaimer: I do not own the pairing
Summary: Hangeng meets Heechul. Boy meets girl?

He walked into the flower shop, not knowing what to buy. This is his first time giving someone flowers, besides his parents, of course. Well, parents and lovers are completely different, and he’s never dated before. So how come he fell so hard for this one? No one has any idea. All he knows is that he’s completely head over heels for her. She was everything to him.

can I help you, sir?” The kind salesperson asked, seeing as he is very distressed.

“Well, I’m looking for something for my girlfriend, and I don’t know what to buy.” He confessed, sheepishly.  “You will know what girls like. What do girls like?”

“Well, seeing as you are very handsome, it shouldn’t be the first time you’ve had a girlfriend.” She smiled kindly, simply wanting to cheer him up.

“Well, rest assured that you are totally wrong.”

“I am sorry; I’m being of no help.” She was shocked, and hid it well by changing the subject. Salespeople should not hit on customers, even if they are gorgeous. “Well, on romantic occasions, we prefer red roses or pink ones, depending on the person. I have a peculiar love for white ones, though.”

“Thank you so much. I’ll take the red ones, please.” He flashed a dazzling smile, and the poor girl became extremely jealous of his girlfriend.


He made his way to his girlfriend’s house, with a bouquet of a dozen red roses (that he bought at half price) decorated with baby’s breath. Every step brought forth a memory of his beloved, Kim Heechul.


As Heechul walked in the door, every man’s eyes were on her. She was as dazzling as a woman can be, with a young and fresh air, perfect for the man in the corner. He hasn’t lifted his eyes yet, but she already pinpointed him as the man that she would love. Slowly, he raised his head, and caught sight of the newcomer. They both stopped breathing. The man was in his mid 20s, and the girl was about the same age. He was a gentleman from appearance, and proved to be the same. Heechul walked towards him, and took a seat opposite him at the same table.

“Good morning.” Heechul said. They seemed like old acquaintances, except that they just met about a second ago.

“Good morning. What would you like to have? My treat.” He had been completely sucked in by her charm, fallen prey to her pretty face.

The rest of the café’s eyes were on the both of them. They were perfect for each other, each with a distinct charm that was like a sun radiating heat and light. Some were jealous, others were content just to witness such light. The couple knew at once that each other’s light was meant for the other.

And that how they met.


“Where would you like to go first, Hangeng?” They were on their first date, soon after the scene in the little coffee shop.

“Wherever you like.” He really had no idea, as it was Heechul that dragged him to the mall to go shopping. They didn’t seem like they were on a first date, rather a married couple. Same as with the coffee shop, everyone’s eyes were on them.

“This is exactly why I love you. You are so considerate of me.” She placed a palm on his face, and looked into his eyes. Both of them were hesitating, but their love and lust were too strong to resist. In a flash, their lips were against each other, and their tongues intertwined.

And that was their first kiss.


Since then, they’ve been to many other dates, kissed countless times. Their love and passion for each other only grew stronger. Today was their 100 days anniversary, and Heechul had invited Hangeng to her house for the day, and possibly night. He knew that their relationship would fall to one way or another, all depending on today. He was wishing that today be the day that he would finally take her. He was nervous, as she was the first girl he’s ever dated. He wondered if her situation was the same. As he took the final steps towards her apartment, he hesitated. There was a great chance that this was very wrong, and they could potentially part forever.

“Hangeng! You’re finally here. I’ve been waiting.” Heechul flashed him a brilliant smile that burnt his worried to a crisp. He smiled back. ‘How would I ever think that it was going to end?’

“I bought you flowers. It’s for our anniversary.” He pushed the bouquet of roses towards Heechul, hoping that it was right to buy red ones.

“I love them. Thank you so much! But you didn’t need to do that. I only ever want you.” Heechul pulled Hangeng inside, and they started making out even before he closed the door behind him. The roses were already forgotten, tossed to the side. Slowly, they made their way to the bedroom, as it turns out that Heechul was expecting this too. Their clothes were thrown aside while their faces ever left each other. Hangeng was panicking. ‘What happens if I don’t do this right?’ ‘Should I let Heechul lead?’ ‘I wish for the best.’ Slowly, under the covers, Hangeng placed himself on top of Heechul. It was then that he noticed something was wrong. He feared that it was himself, and looked down.


And that was how Hangeng discovered that Heechul was a man.

“… I thought you knew…”


I hope you liked it~

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