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Fanfiction: Four Seasons

Title: Four Seasons
Pairing: Henwook
Genre: Romance
Chapter: 9
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior
Summary: Recovering from a car accident, Ryeowook lost all his memories of his best friend, Henry. When they reunite again, will feelings spark again?

In the last two months of summer, my mind was soaked in the bitter taste of loneliness. I had Ryeowook, I had Zhou Mi, and I was an idiot, so I lost them both. Would it be selfish to ask for both of them back? Because I had asked for both of them before, I’m now alone. Should I just hope for the better, and if they don’t come back, I’ll just have to deal with it? Those questions haunted me, and I could barely eat or sleep. As the new school year was fast approaching, I had no idea what to expect.

I made the last steps towards the front entrance, and realized that no one was there to greet me. I went through the usual process of getting my schedule, planner, and everything else, but no Ryeowook or Zhou Mi in sight. I knew it, I lost them. This felt like ten years ago, when Ryeowook first left me.  I circled around the school, not knowing what I was doing. Finally, after about an hour of wandering, I stopped at my new locker. I felt the flame of anger licking my spine, and I just threw my books in it. I slammed it shut, and kicked it. In those few seconds I probably just ruined all my books, killed my eardrums, and gave myself a bruise. It didn’t matter. I was angry at myself, angry at the world. Why does it have to be me? When the anger subsided, emptiness took its place. I sank to the floor and cried. I just wanted to go home. I just wanted to come back the next day and realize it was all just a joke. I wanted Ryeowook and Zhou Mi.

“Attention, all students! Please proceed to your home room immediately! Orientation will begin in five minutes!”

“Keep it together, Henry.” I kept telling myself that, hoping it will all be okay. I swiftly glanced at my schedule, only to find out that my homeroom was on the other side of the school. Great. I was really going to need the five minutes to get to my homeroom. I pulled myself up, and walked into the nearest washroom and looked in the mirror. Hmm, it was not as bad as I expected. My eyes were only a little red, and my nose was a normal color. I can blame the eyes on allergies, not that I had any. I hurriedly splashed my face with water and paper toweled it dry. I peeked at my reflection and ran off towards my homeroom. ‘Who’ll be in my homeroom this year?’ Almost immediately, I regret having thought of it. My friendship with both of them was over. I was selfish, and had hurt Ryeowook. I was forgetful, and always left Zhou Mi out of everything. Now that they’re both gone, I just wanted one of them back. I promise to treat them well, as well as the other, not that I dared to hope. I feared that my relationship
with them, especially Zhou Mi, will never be the same again. He had the courage to confess to me, and I shot him down. I rejected him in the worst way possible; I said that Ryeowook meant more to me. I’ve always thought that Ryeowook meant more, but I was wrong. I have been proven wrong by Zhou Mi, he meant just as much to me. I will never hurt them again by choosing one over the other. I couldn’t. 

In front of my homeroom, I wondered what awaited me. Was it peace? Was it pain? Or was it nothingness? Rather, I didn’t care anymore. It was all over. My hand grabbed the handle, and I flung the door open. Then, I was attacked.

“Henli! I missed you so much! Why didn’t you call during the summer?” His arms wrapped around my neck, and all my worries were chased away with the sight of his face.

“Ryeowook? Are we in the same class?” My voice was high with excitement, as reality finally sank in. I was in the same class with Ryeowook.

“Hey, thanks for ignoring me.” Zhou Mi’s voice called from behind Ryeowook, and I opened my eyes to see him standing there, backpack over his shoulder. I grabbed Ryeowook’s hands and gently peeled him away from me. Then I hesitantly walked towards Zhou Mi.

I gave him a hesitant smile, and said, “Thank you.”


I hope you liked it~
First chapter of Autum! yay! hmmm more than half the fic is gone now! ><
Tommorow the same time i'll be on a plane headed towards China!!! Unfortunately, very unfortunately, I'll be missing Super Junior's Tour of Asia T-T -cries my heart out- ugh why can't they come to Beijing earlier? T-T
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