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Fanfiction [Oneshot]: Ragged Bunny

Title: Ragged Bunny
Pairing: Kyumin
Genre: Fluff
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I do not own the pairing
Summary: Sungmin waits for Kyuhyun at the park. Whether Kyuhyun arrives or not is to be determined.

Petting his stuffed animal, a man of 23 sat on a park bench, staring into the distance. He’s been there for an hour, sitting and petting his rabbit, watching people come and go, simply watching. Sometimes, he would suddenly stand up as if he saw someone he recognized, and then sit back down again, with a new air of disappointment. His stuffed animal was coming apart at the seams, but he didn’t mind. Mr. Rabbit kept him company when he was waiting. When he came, his step was filled with a spring, a kind of energy. Now, he sat there, almost motionless, staring into the distance. People avoided that bench, that bench he was sitting on, in fear. People looked at him in disgust and sympathy, but never empathy. No one knew why he was here.

Suddenly, a phone rang. The man with the ragged rabbit jumped at the unexpected sound, only to realize that it came from his own phone. With no expression on his face, he picked up the phone and stared at it, like it was an unidentified object. After a minute, he flipped it open, seemingly to be reluctant. A voice came out at once, “Sungmin! Where are you? We’ve been searching for you for hours!”

Uncomprehending, the man replied, “I’m at the park.” His voice was dry and hoarse. It sounded spiritless. Lifeless.

“Which park?” An angry voice on the other side of the line demanded.

“The one I’m supposed to be in.” He sounded confused. At that, he snapped the phone shut. Finally, he understood. No one was going to come. He walked away, in wake of his new realization and disappointment. To where was he headed? No one knew. Not even him, or his ragged bunny. He strolled away, towards a random direction.

While people were busy cautioning their kids and running away from the potentially mentally insane man, others were searching for him. Hurriedly, they dialed that same line again and again, but always finding that it was not reachable at the moment. His cell phone was out of battery.


“Sungmin! How can you just ignore us and turn off your phone? The park you’re supposed to be in? What… the park you’re supposed…” He raised his head, suddenly aware of the situation. Right, he made a promise with Sungmin to meet at the park! After looking at his watch, he realized that he was more than two hours late. ‘The one I’m supposed to be in.’ Was he waiting? Two hours and more, was he still waiting for me? Realization made him aggravated, and he lost his usual cool. The don’t-touch-me mask was stripped from his face and replaced with creased eyebrows and a scowl. He ran from the studio, headed towards the park.

“Kyuhyun? Kyuhyun!”

“Kyuhyun? Where are you going?”

“Where’s Kyuhyun?”

The shouted out fragments were fading. They held no attraction towards him. The only magnetism came from the man on the phone:  ‘I’m at the park.’

He pleaded with himself, pleaded with god. He always laughed at Siwon the Christian, but now he understood. Some things can’t be dealt with without god. ‘Please, let him still be there. Please.’ Was he not Christian enough for god to hear his cry? Has he sinned too much? He didn’t know what to do if god didn’t help him now. No one can help him. “Sungmin,” he mutters to himself.  “Please still be there; please still be there, please.” Unknowingly, his hand clutched his heart, as its pulse grew faster, and each beat threatened to tear it apart.


He wandered around the city, not knowing where to go. Suddenly, a sweets shop caught his eyes. This shop was the shop that sells puddings and pumpkin pie. He recognized the sign, and stepped closer to the doorway.

“Sungmin sshi! Welcome! It’s been a long time since you last visited!” The waitress looked around, searching for something. “Where’s Kyuhyun? Is he not with you today?”

A pause. “No, he’s not with me today.” The lifeless voice alerted the waitress. Something must be wrong, especially since Kyuhyun wasn’t with him.

“Would you like pumpkin flavored pudding to cheer you up? It’ll be on the house.” She smiled, knowing that his favorite dessert was all that she can give him right now. What he really needed was the other man, but she can’t do anything about that. 

“Sure.” He smiled as best he could manage, but it wasn’t really a smile. It was more painful than a grimace, even.


‘He must be somewhere. If he’s not at the park, where else would he be?’ The young man felt a stab of disappointment as he arrived at the park. The bench they always sat on was empty. Surely, if he wasn’t at the bench, he wasn’t in the park at all. Desperate, he tried the cell phone one last time. “The person you are calling is unavailable at the moment, please try again later.” Irritated, he threw his phone on the ground. It was then that a little boy of around the age of five hopped over to pick it up for him.

“Mister, are you alright?” The boy looked up and handed the phone gently over to Kyuhyun. His smiling face reminded Kyuhyun of someone, Sungmin.

“Yes, I’m quite alright, thank you.” He smiled back, knowing that this was a message from god.

“Mister, you don’t seem alright to me. Would you like some pudding? It’s my favorite dessert. I’m sure it will cheer you up.” The little boy smiled, sending warmth through Kyuhyun’s heart. This was his answer.

“Little boy, you have cheered me up. Thank you.” Kyuhyun closed his eyes and laughed while relief washed over him. He opened his eyes, and the boy was no longer there. He thanked god, not only for giving him Sungmin, but also for not taking him away. He felt truly blessed from the bottom of his heart. He stood up, and dashed towards the sweets shop.


For every bite he took of the pudding, he stared outside the glass door for ten minutes. It’s been half an hour and the pudding wasn’t even half finished.  “Kyuhyun, have you forgotten?” Sungmin looked longingly outside the door, wishing that every man that passed was Kyuhyun. As Sungmin reluctantly looked down to take another bite, a man of 21 dashed through the door.

“Cho Kyuhyun!” The waitress called, happy to see that he had found Sungmin.

Sungmin looked up, and was halted by a tight hug. “K-kyu?” His syllable managed to form a question, to which the younger responded with:

“I’m here. I’m an idiot to forget that date we agreed on. I will never do that ever again. I promise.”

Sungmin smiled into Kyuhyun’s shoulder. ‘He promised.’


I hope you liked it~
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