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Fanfiction: Four Seasons

Title: Four Seasons
Pairing: Henwook
Genre: Romance
Chapter: 10
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior
Summary: Recovering from a car accident, Ryeowook lost all his memories of his best friend, Henry. When they reunite again, will feelings spark again?

Geez. I need to remember not to set my alarm too early! It’s only 5:30 in the morning. I whacked my alarm clock to make it shut up. Oh shit. Orchestra practice. I jumped out of bed, and grabbed whatever was closest to me. This was becoming a daily routine. Oh wait, it is a daily routine. I put on what I grabbed, and it turns out to be two shirts. I don’t have time to go hunting for the pants I’m supposed to wear deep inside my closet. So, I dumped everything out. The moral of the story is, find your clothes the night before, because chances are, you’re not going to have time the next morning. Of course, no one was there to tell me that. In conclusion, I got scolded, again.

“Look who’s here! In fact, he is only ten minutes late today. I think that someone deserves a round of applause.”

I blushed, knowing that everyone had to get up like I did. “Sorry.” I sat down without another word and unpacked my violin.

“Alright, let practice begin. Are we all aware that the first school concert is coming up? We are going to perform in it, as the only available ensemble, as the band and choir are not quite ready. Because of this, solos are also going to be put on the program. Those of you wanting to play by yourselves, the signup sheets are here. Come get one after rehearsal.” The conductor swiftly glanced at me before moving on, “Right now, we have to perfect our pieces. This is no time to be late.”

I blushed. He was right, I did hold everyone up. I’m going to set my alarm clock ten minutes earlier next week.

We had started then, and I had to focus. Being the orchestra master was a tough job. Not only do I have to play well, but I also have to help make the others play better. In a flash, rehearsal was over.

“Henry Lau!” The conductor called me over when I was beginning to leave. Then I realized, I don’t have a tie, which, in this school, means detention. Shit. No choice, I had to go back. Then he shoved me a piece of paper. “You should consider this.” Big surprise there. I thought he was going to give me a detention.

As he walked away, I looked down to the paper. It was a signup sheet for the coming concert. In front of it was another slip of paper that read Detention Excused and was signed.


“Henry!” Ryeowook yelled from down the hall as he ran. When he got here, he realized that I don’t have a tie with me. “… Detention again?” he pouted. Detention in Ryeowook world meant that I can’t stay with him to wait for the bus. In my world, it meant that I had to do half an hour of extra work.

“Nope.” I lightly waved the Detention Excused slip in front of his face. “Where’s Zhou Mi?”

“He’s sleeping in. His doesn’t have first period today*, remember?” Ryeowook proceeded to help me with my violin. “Say, Henry, when am I going to hear you play?” He looked up to meet my eyes, looking extremely hopeful.

“Next month.” In reality, I wasn’t planning on going solo at the school concert. However, when Ryeowook asks me with that face, how can I ever refuse?

“That’s great!” Ryeowook pushed a piece of paper in my face.

“What is this?” I looked at it, and realized it was a signup sheet, all filled out, except for the name of the song. “… Ryeowook, when did you…?”

“I passed by a pile of these and thought that I’d like to hear you play, and hoped that you’ll play for me. Will you?” He smiled, and I looked into the face of an angel.

I couldn’t help but smile back at him. “Of course I will.” I will always be there to play for you.


“Daddy, daddy, what wrong? Why won’t Ryeowook wake up? Why can’t I see him?”  The little boy latched on his father’s sleeve, hoping for an answer.

“Don’t worry, Ryeowook’s just sleeping. When he wakes up you can see him.” There was no other answer his father can give. He cannot tell the innocent boy the truth. ‘You’re friend is in grave danger.’

“Really?” His whole face lit up, like it was Christmas eve.


“I’m going to play him a lullaby!” At that, the little boy ran towards the nearest exit.

“Henry! Come back!” His father followed him out of the hospital.

-Five minutes later-

The sound of Schubert’s lullaby echoed throughout the halls of the hospital. Some patients were put to sleep, others wondered if the music came from god. Many people gathered in the hall to see an eight-year-old prodigy playing his violin. Doctors were relieved. Some patients who have been restless have finally found some peace in the music. Happiness and contentment were brought to all, but the prodigy only had a single thought.

“Ryeowook, good night.”


*Author's note: In the year before going to university, students have a choice of how many courses they can take. If they take one less course than the maximum, then they will have a period where they do not have to be in school. Of course, this is only based on experience in my school. Please understand if there are differences between my fic and other schools.


I'm back from china! >< i missed you allllll~~~ =] and i missed henwook too... >< unfortunately, i didn't bump into any suju M members. too bad. T-T
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